June 10, 2014

Do 'Fat Burning Foods' Really Exist?

Image courtesy of Thinstock Photos

The problem these days are that when people think about fat burning foods, they think of foods that would actually make you lose fats instantly, or magically. As if the foods they consumed contained secret fat burning compounds that will transform your body with no effort.

Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a food that will make you lose 5 pounds over-night or actually doubling or even multiplying your fat burning rate just by consuming it. 

Don't get me wrong, fat burning foods do exist. But more often these foods are considered as fat burning because of what they do NOT contain, not because of some secret formula or ingredient inside.

Technically, any food that is raised, grown or picked off the ground in a relatively clean environment, free of dangerous contaminants and that gives your body essential nutrients, CAN be considered fat burning.

If you eat how like how the people used to eat back in the olden days and eat the way nature intended, also exercising to some degree, your body will naturally get rid of those extra fats. It's really that simple.

So with all that said, why are people from all over the world so fat if it's so simple? Simply cause "simple" does not rhyme or go along with "easy"

In actual fact, our food supply is becoming more and more processed and contaminated with fattening chemicals every year – which makes finding REAL fat burning foods way more difficult and complicated compared to the olden days of human hunting for foods naturally.


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